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Sasee…a comfortable, familiar, and inviting platform for you to reach women. It provides a natural setting where your company can send a message that fulfills the needs and desires of a unique market of consumers.

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It’s in the Numbers
  • Women buy or influence the purchase of 85% of all consumer goods
  • Women buy 68% of all new cars and influence 90% of their sales
  • Women make 66% of all computer purchases
  • Women make 51% of all consumer electronic purchases
  • In families where both spouses work, wives out earn their husbands in 30% of these households
  • Women decide on 96% of all houses purchased
  • Women 94% of all home furnishings
  • Women initiate 80% of all home improvement projects
  • Women influence 80% of all healthcare decisions for the family
  • There are 13 million single mothers, and single women head up 27% of all households
  • Women are the head of 40% of all households with assets over $600,000
  • Nationally, 17 million female baby boomers turned 50 in 2005
Marketing to Women a Must
  • Women are shoppers and they see shopping as a learning experience
  • Women search for the perfect answer when making their purchasing decisions
  • Women seek advice from other women when undertaking a new purchase
  • Every satisfied woman customer becomes a credible ambassador for your product
  • Women communicate–especially with other women–and their opinions reach each other rapidly
Why Advertise in Sasee?
  • Approximately 158,758 females live in the Sasee distribution area
  • Sasee has FREE distribution that will reach women in the diversity and interests of their busy lives
  • A one of a kind publication, Sasee stands out, and so do your ads
  • Sasee reaches the upscale, well educated woman, age 25+ who has the buying power
  • Sasee reaches a targeted market of consumers who are qualified and interested in your product

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