From the Editor

Letter from the Editor: If Not Now, When?

I am not well traveled, but I have always liked leaving town for a few days in the mountains or, when the children were young, a trip to Disney or even camping (never my idea). But my youngest child, my son, must’ve been born knowing the great big world was waiting. From the time he […]

Letter from the Editor: Nearest & Dearest

Thinking back over the past weeks, I am very proud of how our community has come together, while literally staying apart, to get through this crisis together. I asked the Sasee Facebook community how they were handling the long hours at home and received some wonderful responses. Nancy says she’s cooking up a storm; trying […]

Letter from the Editor: Just the Two of Us

I love wedding vows, whether a couple uses the traditional, time-honored phrases or writes their own promises to love, honor and cherish. Words have so much power, and the actual process of writing them amplifies their significance. Who isn’t moved by heartfelt, loving promises given in shaky voices to a room of caring family and […]

Letter from the Editor: Dining Delights

Many of us dread the colder months at the beach, and even though we’ve had very little cold weather this year, it does get dark early and stays dark until well past my alarm clock’s morning salute. March’s arrival is always welcome – spring is in sight, and the days are beginning to lengthen. My […]

Letter from the Editor: You Wear It Well

I learned a lot about beauty this month – not from a blog post or YouTube video, or even from our skilled, local makeup experts who work their magic from beauty counters up and down the Strand. I interviewed the four women behind Southern Salty Secrets, and they really gave me food for thought. All […]

Letter from the Editor: Your Best Life

It’s a New Year and a new decade! And a NEW Sasee! We have seen you…and heard you…and this is the result. A magazine for you and about you. A publication to inspire you to live your very best life in this decade and beyond. This is your Sasee Magazine! Please let us know what […]

Letter from the Editor: Glittering Nights

It’s the holiday season! For many years I’ve spent the entire month of December running from one thing to another, trying to get it all in. By the time the Christmas paper is ripped off of all the gifts and the New Year has been welcomed, I’m completely exhausted. So last year, I decided to […]

Letter from the Editor: Bless it Real Good

This month’s theme is “Bless it Real Good,” and I wanted to write about how important it is to notice the many blessings in our lives and to spend a part of each day appreciating the love around us. But I know some days are harder than others. And, often, life is hard for no […]

Letter from the Editor: The Melody of Life

If we think of life as a melody, most of the time the tune is sweet, a song of happiness and blessings…but for all of us, a dirge is sure to play, a soundtrack for the tragedies we cannot control. I want to tell you about a beautiful girl, I’m going to call her Lovely, […]

Letter from the Editor: Million Little Things

I know it’s still hot outside, but the change of seasons has begun along the coast. In September, the marsh grass begins to change, the rich green of summer changing to a lush golden hue, letting all of us who notice the little things know that something is different. The summer haze lifts a bit, […]

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