Sasee Cooks

Shine Café 707 Main Street, Conway Brunch Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm Menu Highlights: Garden of Eden Potatoes, Crab Benedict, Shrimp & Grits, Homemade Challah Bread The Famous Toastery 2005 Oakheart Rd, Carolina Forest 7am-3pm breakfast, lunch and brunch all day Menu Highlights: Sunrise Burrito, Breakfast Pizza, Flapjacks, Specialty Omelets Blueberry’s Grill 7931 N. Kings Hwy, […]

Sasee Entertains (December 2016)

Planning a party? Holiday cocktails are fun – and Sasee has found a few that will impress your guests!

There’s No Place Like Home for Romance!

Some of the most intimate and romantic dates are at home with the two of you nestled in front of a roaring fireplace (inside or outside) while sipping on your favorite drink. Turn on some smooth jazz or a little Marvin Gaye, and spend your evening at home. Sasee offers some of her favorite elegant, yet easy to prepare, recipes for an ideal romantic date. Cheers!

Cooking with Barbara: Mmmmmac ‘n’ Cheese

On the cook top across the kitchen, the slightly salted water has come to a rapid boil. I add a bit of olive oil and pour in the entire 16 ounce box of old-fashioned, plain-Jane elbow macaroni. I bring the water to a boil and cook the pasta according to package directions just slightly less […]

Cooking with Barbara: Corn and Les

By Barbara Crady Whitley

July – heat waves shimmering from a black-top highway along a country lane, sweet aromas of honeysuckle and yellow roses, hollyhocks dripping after a summer shower! Sweat drips (yes, sweat, not perspiration!) from my husband’s brow as he lights the charcoal for the easiest holiday (and meal) of the year. No frantic preparation, no gifts […]

It has been said that any male can father a child, but it takes a special man to become a daddy. In the Crady household, there was never any question as to whom my daddy was: he was the one who would swing me, as a little girl, high on his shoulder when he arrived […]